Coach Lisa

Hey my name is Lisa and I am excited to meet you!
I am originally from Germany, but as I travel often, I call the world my home.

My master's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion taught me a lot, but what and how much to eat was not one of the things.

It was not until 2016 after years of trying various diets like paleo, low carb, low fat... that I learnt about the magic of calorie tracking and the importance of macro composition.

From that point onwards I made it my goal to learn as much as I could about flexible dieting, getting various certifications, reading as much research as I could and starting to coach friends who approached me at the gym.

In 2018 I decided to make it my profession and went full-time with it in 2019. Through my current masters degree in Exercise Science, Health Promotion and Nutrition I have been able to further my education, in addition to a hormone specialist cert, neurotyping cert, mindset courses...

But most importantly, I have coached hundreds of people and this experience has taught me the most, because nobody and no body is the same - neither physically nor when it comes to our mindset and beliefs.

Throughout my coaching I realized very quickly that without addressing underlying beliefs, patterns and habits even the best strategy would not lead to lasting changes. A holistic, personalized approach that addresses both - macros and mindset - and teaches people how to use both to create a life they love, has allowed my clients to achieve the results they are after!

Coach Tammi

Hi! My name is Tammi!  
I was born in Thailand, am full Vietnamese(and fluent!), immigrated to the US when I was young, and have been a SouthernCalifornia native since.   

I have a professional doctorate degree in a completely different field.  For over a decade, my full time career contributed to lack of sleep, lack of stress management, lack of movement, and lack of knowledge in nutrition.  
I needed to find a balance that would also accommodate my love for food and traveling. Since I struggled with body image, it was time for a change.  
I became certified in nutrition to better myself so as clients started rolling in, nutrition coaching literally fell into my lap! 
Over the years, I’ve done boot camp, HIIT workouts, running, kickboxing, and CrossFit.
Before learning about nutrition, I attempted the low fat diet, Intermittent Fasting, the Ketogenic diet, and meal replacement shakes...  
I have been thriving ever since finding functional strength training and macro counting because they fit MY lifestyle, not the other way around.

As I very much believe in the power of coaching through accountability and guidance (even if you are a coach yourself), I was a client of Lisa’s and we noticed as nutrition coaches, our values and views on nutrition align.  
We both utilize macros and mindset to reshape mind and body for our clients’ sustainable success.  Debunking diet myths and empowering clients to lead a balanced lifestyle filled with beautiful memories is the mission! When not lifting, you can find me snuggling my dogs (or any dog I meet), finding new places to explore food, traveling, binging Yellowstone, and living up the City Girl in the Country life at the country home I share with my husband.

Coach Laura

Hi! My name is Laura!
I live in Alberta, Canada with my beautiful daughter, beloved husband and our puppy!

I believe that for most, there is no real "beginning" point in health, wellness or living an active life. 
We move often through our days in the same patterns that we like, know and are comfortable with until it doesn't quite feel right. 
I personally have always lived an active life and I knew about "exercise" and "nutritious food", but my lifestyle throughout my twenties and early thirties was leaving me feeling frustrated, stuck and unhappy with the way I looked and felt.

I started taking action by doing my own research, enrolling in courses, and earning certifications as a Health Coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.  I started to incorporate the training and nutrition methods that I had learned and I slowly started to feel stronger in the gym.  I started to see aesthetic changes and I gained more awareness with how my body actually functioned.  

The nutrition and nourishment component on my journey took more time, many wrong turns, many lessons learned and it is still a continuous practice for me.

It wasn’t just about food, it was a shift in my mindset, a shift in my approach to play a long game in order to see long term results.
Sinking in to the reality that this journey isn’t about the number on the scale and it isn’t about pushing myself to extreme limits.  
It’s about listening to my body, loving my body (just as it is), respecting my body and truly nourishing my body with what it needs. As I started to go through this internal revolution, along with the shift of venturing into motherhood, I decided to take the leap into Coaching as a career and leaving a hard-earned career in the Oil & Gas industry.

I love connecting to people on a deeper level and to be able to hone in on my passion to work with my clients to find clarity, to create positive health choices and to break through barriers which ultimately lead to achieving a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Coach Allison

I have run a few half marathons, finished several sprint triathlons, taken all the gym classes, sweated through HIIT-based group workouts, graduated from 200 hours of yoga teacher training, and done bootcamp in the park.

I have sometimes felt energized and fit and sometimes just been exhausted and sore. Through all of this, I have learned that my needs will change as my life changes and that I don't need to empty the tank every day! You can't benefit from what you don't recover from and finding my foundation in strength training coupled with balanced nutrition and intentional recovery has changed everything for me.

I think many people hesitate when they're ready to make changes because they don't know where to begin or because the advice most of us have heard is "eat less, move more," and that can be daunting. If your goal is only to be smaller, I encourage you to think about how you are working to make your life bigger. As a nutrition coach, I love helping people make the mindset shift from simply burning calories to intentionally building a healthy and strong body.

Hi, my name is Allison! I live in Northern California with my husband and our two sons.  

I have been passionate about nutrition and fitness for as long as I can remember, though my approach to both has evolved through the years. I believe strongly in aligning our actions with our goals and eating and moving in a way that supports our overall health. I train so I can show up for the people I love and enjoy life fully. I love hiking, camping, kayaking, running, yoga, traveling, and occasionally getting talked into a challenge like the Spartan race I finished in 2021!

I believe in taking conscious action to support our physical and mental health daily. We need a steady diet of nourishing food, purposeful movement, restful sleep, and enriching connections and we should consider cutting calories from things that steal our energy.

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