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The right movement is key when it comes to seeing physical results.

60 minutes is all that you need for our training programs. Pick from a 3-, 4-, or 5-day training program.

A home-gym (barbell, db/kb, bands and pull-up bar) is absolutely sufficient!

Once you have signed up, your training profile will be created and you will receive access to your training app and program within 24hours.

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Our Training Programs:

All our training programs can be done with home gym equipment
(barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, bands), unless stated otherwise:

Build The Base - 3, 4 or 5 day version
A good mixture between hypertrophy- and strength focused training that is centered around the foundational lifts (squats, deadlifts, presses, pulls).
Beginner all the way to advanced.
We love to get people going with this!

Lean & Toned - 4 or 5 day version
Hypertrophy focused training program, also great to assist with muscle retention and additional fat burn in a weight loss phase.
Intermediate to advanced.

Strong & Defined - 4 or 5 day version
A strength focused training program, largely focused around the big compound lifts with some accessory work.
Beginner to advanced.

Bikini Builder - 4 or 5 day version
Hypertrophy and strength focus. Glute, core and upper body emphasis. Utilizes the gironda method and other slightly more advanced training techniques.
Intermediate to advanced.
One of our favorites!!

3 Day - Full Body
A very well rounded program that does not just look after the whole body, but also tries to make sure you can get the most out of the limited time you have available.
Beginner to Advanced.
We also have a 8-week dumbbell or kettlebell only version of this, in case you are ever super limited on equipment.

Figure Champ - 4 or 5 day version.
A hypertrophy focused glute and shoulder program. We also have a gym version of this available.
Intermediate to advanced.

Booty Builder - 3, 4 or 5 day version
A glute strength & hypertrophy focused program.
Intermediate to advanced.
Another favorite!!

Special programs:
- Bands only (4-8 weeks), ideal for travel
- 3 days machines only, can be suitable if just starting out or with certain injuries, we will assess as needed.

Completely personalized training programs available upon request (US$99 per month).

*all training programs include warm up and stretch instructions, as well as recommendations for intensity and rest periods.
**most of these programs have cycles that are at least 4 weeks long, some shorter, some longer.

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